Speed display board SCAE DS-50

produced by the Italian House SCAE, speed limit display

Warning sign with microwave radar for speed detection. Possibility to store locally traffic data for a maximum of about 10 days (speed, counting and length) and/or to send them to a PC via GSM.

Housing in aluminium treated with epossidic powders for outside use. Front panel in clear polycarbonate with back decorated static wordings.

Lighting of static area with fluorescent tubes ( 3 X 18 W ) with automatic start-up. Back opening by means of a door with vertical hinges and closed with security locks. Fixing on a double-tube pole H 2.500 mm. Power supply 230 Vac +/- 10%  Approx. οutside dimensions: 850 x 1150 x 150 ( L x H x P ) excluding the City plate and supports. 

Technical features of Speed Display with 2 digits:

  • Model: DS-50
  • Number of led: 150
  • Typical Led luminosity: 900mcd
  • Horiz. visibility angle: 60°
  • Vert. Visibility angle: 110°
  • Automatic light adjustment

Technical features of speed limit display:

  • Mean life-time of led 100.000 hours
  • Horizontal visibility angle 110°
  • Analog input for displaying speed limit exceeding
  • Automatic light adjustment