SCAE SMTWEB, Urban Traffic Control (Remote Monitoring)

SMTWEB offers an easy and user-friendly access to Traffic Controller Networks:

  • Access everything with just a web-browser (smartphone, tablet, pc, ...)
  • The interactive map makes it easy to move around and quickly find what you are looking for (if you have a wide network you can create areas that are shortcuts to specific locations in your map).
  • Stay always up to date on your Traffic Controllers Network. The system automatically updates you with an SMS and/or e-mail if a new alarm or warning occurs.
  • Traffic data are automatically collected and stored into a database
  • Collect log file from the junction
  • Remote programming of Traffic Controllers (upload and download of traffic controller configurations)
  • A full–fledged copy of the Traffic Controller Panel
  • Traffic Controller time and date synchronization

The SMTWEB requires Windows Server 2008 / Windows 7 or higher.

An SMTWEB Client is any device (computer, smartphone, tablet, ..) which has at least one web-browser installed (it will work properly on any OS:Android, Windows, iOS, Mac OS, ...).

Remote programming of Traffic Controllers requires Windows-based clients.

The human-machine interface is entirely web-based and provides the following features:

  • Zoom, drag and click on the map to explore your traffic controller network.
  • Click on a Traffic controller icon to open up a popup, which contains real-time Traffic Controller data.
  • Each Traffic Controller icon has a button for creating a direct connection between the Traffic Controller and the Configuration Software.
  • Traffic data visualization.
  • User-friendly configuration panel.
  • Multi-language support.

The Configuration Panel allows users to:

  • Add/remove Traffic Controllers on the map
  • Add/remove users and configure privileges
  • Turn on/off traffic data collection
  • Add/remove phone numbers and e-mail addresses
  • Configure map Areas