SCAE STCWEB, Urban Traffic Control (UTC)

STC WEB is a traffic supervisor and management system web that allows to carry out the following features:

  • Real Time Traffic Control and Management
  • Traffic data collect
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Traffic Controllers Remote handling
  • System control and maintenance
  • System Reports and Analysis

To these standard modules you can add the following operations:

  • Ramp Metering
  • VIP Management
  • Bus Priority System
  • Integration with Parking System
  • Integration with Citizen Information Service

STC WEB is a Scalable System, its structure in fact allows to create a small system that can easily grow either as Central System structure or as number of controlled Junctions. For example adding Front End Unit the system can potentially grow up to an infinite number of Junctions.

STC WEB is a User friendly System, having the following features:

  • Simple Web based access
  • MMI simple and highly customizable
  • Short time to operator training.
  • High understanding level
  • High level of integration with other resource

STC WEB offers a flexible, modular and reliable structure.

  • Flexible because, starting from the general above described structure, it is suitable for the specific installing and control exigencies in order to minimize costs and services.
  • Modular because starting from a basic structure it can spread with further implementations for connecting either controllers near to the controlled areas or putting new areas into the system.
  • Reliable because it grants an operation only minimally degraded even when there are temporary faults or shut down between the different levels. The functions are, in fact, located so to allow at the same time the maximum functional autonomy of each level and their complete integration. In other words the higher levels perform the monitoring and configuration of the lower levels and send to them command whenever the regulating algorithm or the operator needs to modify the control parameters (times, offset, cycle time, etc...) This means that in normal operation the peripheral level and the area level have in their database all the necessary data to carry out autonomously the assigned functions, enabling to optimise the flux of data on the communication network.

The functions performed by the system are essentially the following:

  • Monitoring of the operational status of the peripheral status
  • Traffic signal regulation and control
  • Detection, management and filing of traffic data
  • Operator’s interface to allow the operator to carry out efficiently the previous functions, entering all the system’s and archive’s data with a guide
  • Report on traffic flow
  • Report on diag status of device
  • Remote data collection and analysis
  • Maintenance of timing and program on each traffic controller
  • Report on actual status of traffic flow in your city

Within STC WEB a series of software modules devoted to the system configuration are present. These modules allow to realize, implement and modify the system configuration for:

  • System Organisation
  • Traffic Controller
  • System Operator Interface

So the system have inside also all the tools for future improvement that can be done directly by the customer.