SP/LED Series

LED technology, produced by the Italian House SCAE, made from POLYCARBONATE

The SP series semaphoric lanterns, with LED technology, are produced by the Italian House SCAE, made from POLYCARBONATE with excellent performance and stable quality of raw material that meets the requirements of European Standard EN 12368 and the Greek Regulation FEK1914-B!_15-6-2012. The dimensions of the signal heads are suitable for light discs with 200mm or 300mm diameter.


  • Better visibility
  • Higher traffic safety
  • 80% energy saving compared to traditional traffic signals
  • Longer life
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy and quick replacement of the optical unit

Structural features:

  • Structure with sectional elements Ø 210 and Ø 300 mm in higher quality polycarbonate, UV stabilized, colored paste, available in the following colors: Standard, Green, Yellow, Black.
  • Monobloc optics with led technology.
  • Doors with rapid clutch and spring-lock handle.
  • Visor with rapid clutch.
  • Brackets for installation at simple poles or at arm poles with backplane and hanging system.


  • lower power absorption (the installed power is reduced of 89%)
  • considerably longer average life (10 years)
  • without maintenance during life time
  • they exclude occasional false signalling caused by the sun beams (phantom effect)
  • they contribute to the reliability and availability of the traffic signal site, ensuring higher safety of road traffic.