Stop Line Detector – AGD316

produced by the British House AGD, FMCW Radar Technology, stationary vehicle detection

This product has been designed for the detection and monitoring of stationary vehicles at the stop-line of an intersection. The 316 FMCW radar operates in the K band at 24GHz. Approaching vehicles are tracked individually through the detection zone and will generate a detect state as they come to a stop.

  • Non-intrusive vehicle stop-line radar detection
  • Technically advanced detection platform
  • Modern, compact stand-alone detector
  • Detection of stationary vehicles at the stop-line
  • Individual target tracking
  • User configurable via Livewire™ application
  • User adjustable zone position
  • 12Vdc, 24Vac/dc or 230Vac supply options
  • Connectivity via Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Dual lane stop-line at intersection using multiple detectors
  • Single lane stop-line detection
  • Click  here to watch the 316 video