LED technology, produced by the Italian House SCAE, made from POLYCARBONATE

TRAFLED is a led traffic signal using innovative LED modules with high intensity along with an innovative slim design.

The optical unit is a unique block with IP65 protection that replaces the conventional components up to now used, such as lenses, reflectors, lamp holders and lamps.

A limited number of leds, maximum 4, generates a luminous colored source with high intensity whose rays, adjusted by 2 special lenses, give the signal a high, directional and uniform visibility.

  • Highflux led optics ensure the best energy efficiency
  • Beautiful and innovative design
  • Slim profile that suits historical city centers
  • Higher traffic safety
  • Maintenance free
  • Considerable energy saving
  • Longer Life
  • Available in different colors and color combinations

  • Structure with sectional elements Ø 210 and Ø 300 mm in higher quality polycarbonate, UV stabilized, colored paste, available in the following colors: Green, yellow, black.
  • Monobloc optics with led technology.
  • Doors with rapid clutch and spring-lock handle.
  • Visor with rapid clutch.
  • Brackets for installation at simple poles or at arm poles with backplane and hanging system.
Traffic Signal 210mm 300mm
Light intensity   Red> 400cd Yellow> 400cd Green> 400cd White> 400cd Red> 400cd Yellow> 400cd Green> 400cd  
Dimming Nighttime=50%
Color Red/Yellow/Green/White
Led type DRAGON High Flux
Operating voltage   190-265Vac 12Vdc 32-42Vac 24Vdc
Power consumption <10W
EMC EN50293 : class B
Power factor >0.9
Temperature range -40°C +60°C
Rel. Humidity <95%
Protection degree EN60529 : IP65
Material lens / housing Polycarbonate
Weight <1.0Kg <1.5Kg
Dimensions (incl. Front lens) Ø210 x100.2mm Ø300 x132.4mm

Conformity to norms:

Conform to EN12368:2015

Conform to FEK1914-Β!_15-6-2012

CE Conformity