Countdown display CD 300 RGB

produced by the Italian House SCAE, dynamic and self-learning mode

The countdown 300 RGB performs an additional service of warning and it increases safety in the signalized intersection showing pedestrians the remaining and waiting time for crossing the intersection. Countdown time is displayed in green, amber and red color according to the traffic signal color.

The display unit has been designed and realized with the same dimensions of SCAE traffic head 300mm so that it can be easily mounted inside SCAE traffic signal head.

The unit can work in two operating modes:

In stand alone mode the unit works with a self learning cycle after which it starts countdown and display the remaining time of pedestrian phase.

In dynamic mode by serial connection RS422/485 to traffic controller that will manage in a dynamic mode the time display.

The electrical characteristics are similar to traffic signals: 

  • Operating voltage 100/260Vac
  • Power min 3W max 12W