produced by the Italian House SCAE, large size, FIBERGLASS cabinet

MT4040 traffic controller is based on a distributed intelligence, composed by a central industrial type 386 microprocessor and by a series of peripheral microprocessors dedicated to the I / O management and control. This type of structure allows to realize a traffic controller directed to be a General Purpose peripheral unit, able to manage not only the signal plant itself but to be, once endowed with the proper transmission way (GSM, GPRS or Telephone line), a bi-directional collector of a series of information necessary to the city area managers, providing data concerning private and public traffic and environmental data such as atmospheric pollution. 

In this way, the controller becomes sentinel of the area where it is installed, sending automatically requests for servicing interventions for fixing plant anomalies or for simply replacing a burned lamp, or for sending alarm messages in function of particular environmental or emergency conditions. The basic configuration of the controller, equipped with four RS232 serial ports, two 485 serial ports, a TTL and a parallel port, enables it to be easily interfaceable with other equipment; moreover the characteristics of General Purpose unit are furtherly highlighted by the fact that the CPU of the controller is predisposed for mounting standard peripheral modules of the family PC104 and PCMCIA, allowing therefore the conversion of the controller into a powerful and flexible industrial PC. 

Certification and Test Report according to EN 12675 European Norm.

The MT4040 traffic controller has been designed to act, in any type of application, either integrated in a centralized and in an independent system, as a traffic control unit able to make autonomous decisions, to be an information collector and to allow in any case the control, the monitoring and transmission of the information to the supervising Authority. 

The controller can achieve the following main standard features:

  • Automatic with fixed times – Manual – All Red
  • Actuated by the traffic: By memorized call or presence detection – With extendable Green times – With Directional Detection – By Priority Call – By phases affected by extraordinary circumstances
  • Hourly selection through annual calendar table, for flashing mode operation or 16 plans diversified for structure and times.
  • Cable and cable-less synchronized function based on internal real-time clock set by satellite GPS interface.
  • Priority to Public and Emergency vehicles.
  • Automatic switch to daylight time saving according to standard or programmable dates.
  • Traffic data collection per Volume or per Speed and Length Classified way, according to configurable parameters, by means of traditional loop sensors or by dual technology infrared and microwave sensors.
  • Monitoring of all the connected traffic signal lamps for verifying the good functionality and for notifying the burning of a single lamp.
  • Dynamic plan generation, with capacity of driving by a serial connection, a maximum of 8 satellite Controllers, by a customizable control algorithm that generates in real time the green times in function of the traffic flows.
  • Capability to be controlled by a remote PC in a Centralized System.
  • Automatic alarm message dispatch by mobile or fixed telephone network in case of fault on the controlled plant.