Multi Platform – AGD318

produced by the British House AGD, FMCW Radar Technology, adjustable detection zone

This product has been designed for a variety of strategic dynamic detection requirements. The radars‘ advanced detection algorithms make it suitable for both urban and inter-urban detection applications. The 318 radar is a frequency modulated continuous wave, FMCW, radar that operates in the 24GHz band.
  • Speed measurement from 4kph to 300kph across multiple lanes (depending on variant)
  • Target range measurement from 6-150 metres (depending on variant)
  • Can discriminate between approaching and receding traffic
  • Custom designed planar antenna
  • Ease of integration to host system
  • Bluetooth and graphic user interface based set-up facility for easy installation on most variants
  • Optional radar internal target simulation for self-test
  • Sign activation
  • Multi-lane highway via comms output
  • Single lane detection for traffic control
  • Dual line detection for rail
  • Wrong direction detection for highways