produced by the Italian House SCAE, medium size, FIBERGLASS cabinet

PEGASO is a new generation traffic controller designed for medium size intersections. A series of plug-in modules connected via a double bus system, allows to realize a processors' network with distributed intelligence, high reliability and security. The controller 's firmware, based on Linux operating system, makes it a peripheral unit suitable for any kind of applications, guarantying also a higher level of performances.  The controller is able to act as a peripheral of a UTC system or as a stand alone unit, capable of executing an accurate monitoring of its plant, managing also:

  • Statistical and Log file archive generation (Traffic data, Emergency and Activities).
  • Automatic sms dispatch, via GSM/GPRS.
  • Remote configuration, diagnostics and file transfer operation managed by an integrated Web Server.

PEGASO traffic controller is equipped with several COM ports, (RS232, RS485, USB, ETHERNET) so that it can be used with many communication networks.

PEGASO has been designed:

  • To act as a traffic control unit able to manage an intersection with autonomous decisions affected by traffic flow variations.
  • To be an information collector and therefore to control, monitor and transmit the information to the supervising Authority.
  • To be used as a PLC in many and different applications.

For such a purpose, the controller realizes the following main functions:

  • Management of a single intersection, or of a network of intersections, by means of a programmable control algorithm that generates in real time the green times according to the traffic status.
  • Monitoring of all connected signal-head in order to verify the correct functionality in order to notify the failure of a single lamp.
  • Signal Head Dimming facilities.
  • Traffic data management, by volume or by class of vehicles, through traditional loop sensors or non invasive sensors such as infrared or microwaves.
  • Archive of: Traffic data- Alarms- Activities
  • Automatic alarm messages dispatch to remote sites by means of GSM/GPRS cellular network.
  • Automatic adjustment of the CPU real time clock through a GPS interface, assuring the necessary high precision to realize wireless Green Wave systems.

PEGASO can manage a maximum of:

  • 16 Phases (48 power outputs)
  • 16 loop Detectors
  • 36 Digital Inputs
  • 20 Relay output
  • 64 Digital putput
  • 32 Plans, selectable by remote or internal weekly and annual calendar.

PEGASO is equipped with a resident diagnostics on-line and off-line software to facilitate trouble-shooting in case of failure, identifying:

  • The kind of failure
  • The faulty card
  • The involved outputs
  • Loop failure
  • Input failure

The diagnostic allows also to access the inside registers for examining in details the unit working condition. User configurable file LOG as well as automatic message dispatch will help trouble-shooting.

The controller can be equipped with a series of optional cards:

  • PIG 16 I : 16 digital input extension
  • PIG 10 U : 10 Relay
  • OUT32D : 32 Static Digital Outputs
  • AUX : where integrated are: - GPS Interface – GPRS/GSM module – Bluetooth module
  • PS240 : Interface card for Wireless VSN240 vehicle detecting system


  • Main Supply: 230V -20% +15% (42 Vac available on request)
  • Consumption (lamps excluded): 50 VA
  • Maximum controller load: 5000 W
  • Max. load for each output: 800 W
  • Output fuse: 4A type EF
  • Hold-up time: 100 ms
  • Operating temperature: -25 +70°C

PEGASO complies to the following standards:

  • EN50556
  • EN12675
  • Greek Regulation FEK1321B!/23-05-2014
  • CE Conformity