produced by the Italian House SCAE, large size, FIBERGLASS cabinet

 VEGA is a new generation traffic controller designed for large and multiple intersections. It is able to manage 2 intersections with separated security control or up to 4 different intersections inserting a second CPU.

System characteristics

  • Linux operating system with web interface and real-time extensions
  • JFFS2 File System
  • Networking functions (TCP, UDP, PPP, FTP, http,...protocols)
  • USB Host interface for connecting periferic devices (memory keys, serial adapter, …)

Operator interface

  • Keyboard on 3,5” graphic display
  • Tablet with USB or Bluetooth
  • Http integrated server (web server)
  • Integrated Web browser (web interface)
  • Only one controller firmware version with dynamic language selection
  • Possibility to support languages with not occidental characters (Arab, Chinese, etc.)
  • Firmware upgrade of peripheral cards via communication bus
  • File transmission through standard protocols (FTP, TFTP)
  • Wireless connection through Bluetooth interface for equipment configuration/ servicing by remote (max 20-30 meters) without cabinet opening.
  • Download/upload of files to the controller using USB memory keys (no need of a PC).


  • Extended diagnostics function
  • Trace function completely configurable
  • Log of all commands received from UTC
  • Log operations of all firmware and hardware upgrade (controller history)
  • Log files generated by the peripheral units accessible by CPU card or through peripheral debug serial port (in case of communication failure between CPU card and peripheral unit)
  • Display of the Console port data on Operator panel (for on-site diagnostics without PC) or on remote connections (for remote diagnostics)
  • Display on Controller Console of diagnostics messages generated by peripheral modules
  • Flexible management of lights test mode, with possibility to activate any output configuration and to measure voltages and currents on every outputs.
  • New algorithm for burned lamps detection conformed to LED traffic signals
  • Control of activation failure for digital inputs at detector channels
  • Simulation from operator panel of digital input or detector channel
  • Possibility to send SMS messages to service operator in case of activation of the differential switch that protects the controller.
  • Possibility to reset the equipment remotely through a SMS message

Controller configuration

  • Possibility to manage up to 32 semaphoric plans
  • Extended configuration options for time zones
  • Possibility to generate classification data (speed and length measures) on detector card with consequent improvement of measurement precision and increase of number of classified channels
  • Improvement of congruency checks of configuration data with immediate identification of possible errors.
  • Possibility to associate two or more “physical” groups to one unique “logical” group. This option can be used for example for separating standard traffic signals from Led traffic signals that control the same traffic direction.
  • Possibility to divide the output cards into two different emergency signals, so to manage properly big plants that control two separate zones (for example two intersections)
  • Dimmer function on traffic signals

User program

  • Extended functions that can be accessed by the actuation program (user script)
  • Possibility of interaction between actuation program and UTC software
  • Possibility of interaction between actuation program and operator panel
  • Possibility to read/write files by actuation program
  • Possibility to access the communication ports by actuation program

Compliance with standards

  • Compliance with standards EN12675 and EN50556
  • Compliance with the Greek Regulation FEK1312-Β!_23-5-2014
  • CE compliance